What Is Web Api, Why To Use It And How To Use It In Asp Net Mvc


One advantage is content negotiation based on the request header. It also has a great formatter system that enables you to support custom needs. Based on experience, I believe that using ASP.NET Web API for the web services framework can ease many pains, such as having to create the clients and authorizing the clients that can communicate. This problem arose frequently while programming WCF web services. In this guide, my focus is on delivering user data on the IoT devices and teaching numerous other pertinent factors of web-based IoT programming. But first, let’s dig deeper and understand what made the network connected device communication so important to everyday life.

ASP.NET MVC Questions and Answers Book ASP.NET MVC is an open source and lightweight web application development framework from Microsoft. This book has been written to prepare yourself for ASP.NET MVC Interview. This book is equally helpful to sharpen their programming skills and understanding ASP.NET MVC in a short time. This book also helps you to get an in-depth knowledge of ASP.NET MVC with a simple and elegant way. Now, let us create the context class, which will be a middleware component for the communication with the database. It hasDbSet properties that contain the table data from the database.

For a better understanding of the Context class and DbSet properties and how they work with EF Core overall, you can read Getting Started with EF Core article. Finally, the project is created with the project structure; once the project creation is done, let’s execute the API project without any changes; just click on IIS Express or select and press Ctrl+F5. Create a New Project which includes the various .NET Core application templates. Each and everyone will build predefined files and a folder depending on the project application type. For example, let’s create a simple web application, so choose ASP.NET Core Web API template and just click Next as shown.

ASP.Net Web API supports RESTful applications and uses GET, PUT, POST, DELETE verbs for client communications. As said earlier in the creation of the application, look at the routing configuration in the APP_Start folder of the “WebApiConfig” class. Browse other questions tagged asp.net .net architecture asp.net-web-api webmethod or ask your own question. The ASP.NET framework is facilitated by a powerful toolkit and designer in the integrated development environment of Visual Studio.

In order to add a Web API Controller you will need to Right Click the Controllers folder in the Solution Explorer and click on Add and then Controller. This article will explain how to make a jQuery POST call to Web API 2 Controller’s method using jQuery AJAX in ASP.Net MVC Razor. Let’s look at the ValuesController it contains various methods like Get, Post, Delete and put, which are mapped to the HTTP verbs GET, POST, DELETE and PUT. Select the ASP.NET Web MVC Web application in a new project, name your project as your wish, and then click ok as shown in the image.

  • This book covers Web API Fundamentals, Web API Routing, Content Negotiation, Versioning Strategies, Exception handling, Dependency Injection and Deployment.
  • NET Core Web API. It is a scalable service, light-weighted, and easy to maintain for developing applications.
  • In this guide, my focus is on delivering user data on the IoT devices and teaching numerous other pertinent factors of web-based IoT programming.
  • Web API is the perfect framework to depict the data and service to various devices; Web API is an open-source platform to create the REST-ful services.

My goal in this guide is to convince you to at least consider using ASP.NET Web API as the main framework for programming web services for the IoT-connected devices. Today, a web-based application is not enough to reach it’s customers. People are very smart, they are using iphone, why use asp.net mobile, tablets etc. devices in its daily life. In this Model, Class ID is one of the property functions used as a unique key value in a relational database to avoid duplications. Therefore, we can keep the model class wherever the convention in the project uses this Model Folder.

Context Class And The Database Connection

These applications offer improved efficiency by taking advantage of early linking, just-in-time compilation, native optimization, and caching services straight out of the box. ASP.NET framework reduces higher costs along with creating custom web applications with all features. Supports the ASP.NET MVC features such as routing, controllers, action results, filter, model binders, IOC container or dependency injection. Also, in this series, we are not using the service layer because we didn’t want to make things more complicated for this small project. But if you want to use it in your projects, which we strongly recommend, please read our Onion Architecture article to see how it should be done. If you want to test this repository with real tests in your project, you can read our Testing Repository Pattern article and see different ways to accomplish that.

why use asp.net web api

Real-time web functionality is the ability to have server code push content to connected clients instantly as it becomes available, rather than having the server wait for a client to request new data. However, what if you were required to consume a service from some micro-controller? Or if you wanted to consume the service from an Android device, where .NET framework is not available? In such cases, the WCF framework is not feasible, so you’d need a workaround. Having that in mind, let’s create a wrapper around our repository user classes.

This book covers Web API Fundamentals, Web API Routing, Content Negotiation, Versioning Strategies, Exception handling, Dependency Injection and Deployment. Simple service creation with Web API. With WCF REST Services, service creation is difficult.

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Embedded programming requires you to write software for each device and then publish it to that device by deploying it. Web services (or server-client framework) don’t require customers to bring their problems to the manufacturer; clients consume the resources from the server. Of the problems that occur, most happen on the server and not on the client side. Thus, once a problem is faced, the team only has to fix it in one place and not on every device.

We have created our Repository Pattern synchronously but it could be done asynchronously as well. If you want to learn how to do that you can visit Implementing Async Repository in .NET Core. Although we strongly recommend finishing all the parts from this series for an easier understanding of the project’s business logic. To enable communication between the .NET core part and the MySQL database, we have to install a third-party library named Pomelo.EntityFrameworkCore.MySql. In the main project, we can install it with the NuGet package manager or the Package manager console.

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This leads the results with high performance, a minimum deployment size, less memory space, and it’s easy to maintain. We used Web API to build the Web-Services light-weighted and maintainable; it helps to access the service data from various internet devices. In this article, we have seen how important the Web API is and how to create a Web API in ASP.NET application, with example. The Web API can be used with ASP.NET MVC, and other Web Applications like ASP.Net WebForms and also the Web API is used like a stand-alone Web Service Application.

Lesser code encourages the application to easily manage and effectively maintain. ASP.NET framework has led to the rising of Microsoft app development. ASP.NET Web API Questions and Answers Book This book is designed specifically to teach you the REST architecture, Web API fundamentals and advanced concepts.

To start the project of ASP.NET Core using Visual Studio in ASP.Net Core of the newest version of 5 in .Net Core . To create a simple Web API by using Visual Studio, just follow the steps to build your first Web API Application. ASP.NET Core is a Cross-Platform Open Source framework maintained by the Microsoft community for developing a model, high-performance, cloud-enabled internet-connected apps. I had done a demo of ASP.NET web API it’s more closer to a MVC architecture am using the classical asp.net web development. I don’t like to mess up the controller with classical development.

Why Use Asp Net Web Api Instead Signalr For Internal Project

These applications are language-independent, so it allows you to select the language that is best for you. These applications have windows authentication which makes the applications more secure. ASP.NET core encourages the creation of effective web apps along with mobile apps and IoT apps. There are a few benefits of using ASP.NET Web API instead of other web services frameworks.

Web Services For Iot

All the code samples and API provided by the authors are solely their creation and neither the author nor the site are responsible if it does not work as intended. The URL for the jQuery AJAX call is set to the Web API 2 Controller’s method i.e. /api/AjaxAPI/AjaxMethod. The value of the TextBox is passed as parameter and the returned response is displayed using JavaScript Alert Message Box. We define the Web API URL format using the “GlobalConfiguration” and “Configure” static methods.


In ASP.NET applications, source code and HTML files are together, so ASP.NET pages are easy to manage and write. The most recent framework of ASP.NET is ASP.NET core which is an open-source, cross-platform, and cloud-based internet-connected web application. ASP.NET is a web framework designed by Microsoft Inc. that is extensively used to build robust web applications. In this article, we will analyze why ASP.NET should be chosen over other accessible web frameworks. C# Questions and Answers Book C# is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft, which runs under .NET platform.

If you are starting a new project you should stay away from classic webservices. If they are still present in the .NET framework it is for compatibility reasons with legacy code. Historically, ASP.NET has been used for building and deploying web applications in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are countless frameworks used for programming web services.

The API is similar to the online Web Services, which is used by the apps at the client-side to receive and to updating the information. An API acts like the vital role of an application without knowing the number of client apps that https://globalcloudteam.com/ make use of it. The ASP.NET Web API is a complete rewrite of the web stack from Microsoft in which you have far greater control for creating RESTful web services. This doesn’t mean that you should choose between one or the other.

Web services (or the server-client framework) should be considered because they require marginal programming. Furthermore, in case of any trouble, your clients don’t have to come to you and get the devices fixed. Web services allow customers to take advantage of quick access, using the worldwide web. It was developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web services and web applications.

ASP.NET Web API is an extensible framework that helps build an HTTP service that can be accessed on various platforms like windows, web, mobile, and so on. Web API is an interface which provides the communication between software applications. It can be hosted in self-hosted, IIS or other web servers which supports .NET 4.0+. ASP.NET Web API is a framework for building HTTP services that can be consumed by a broad range of clients including browsers, mobiles, iphone and tablets. It is very similar to ASP.NET MVC since it contains the MVC features such as routing, controllers, action results, filter, model binders, IOC container or dependency injection. ASP.Net Web API is a framework to build HTTP services which can be consumed by cross platform clients including desktops or mobile devices irrespective of the Browsers or Operating Systems being used.

WebAPI not have WCF duplex or Signal push response from server side. Trending sort is based off of the default sorting method — by highest score — but it boosts votes that have happened recently, helping to surface more up-to-date answers. I know, ASP.NET Web API is designed for creating restful APIS, while SignalR is for realtime communication. ASP.NET greatly decreases the amount of code needed to build massive applications with tighter security and improved performance.


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